It happened again today. My husband calls it “tinkering”-  the thing I do when I am supposed to be doing something else.  I was at my desk earlier than usual, attempting to tackle my growing to-do list when I noticed something sticking out of the top of a book on the bookshelf. 

Do I Have ADD?

I was absorbed by the wrinkled edges, youthful hands and expressions of my then two and four-year-olds. The background gave no hints, but I was instantly transported back to a particular time in our lives and specifically to that day, remembering exactly who we were, where we were, and where we were going. 


Is Daydreaming Good For Us?

Recently, I read an article recently that said daydreaming is good for the mind and that it actually helps people develop their working memory. I was trying to remember where I read that when the distant cry of the cat brought me out of my nostalgic trance and onto my feet, photo still in hand. While on the landing between stairs, the cat darted out in front of me crooning her familiar, assertive, chorus. Her songs never grew softer.

I’ll feed her, and then get back to work, I assured myself.

On cue, I scooped her up with my free arm and headed for the bathroom to fill her dish. It was then that I felt a few mattes on her side, so I took a detour and carried her into my bedroom where I had left her brush. A few of her mattes were too stubborn for ordinary brushing,  and needed the help of scissors. But the scissor drawer was a disaster….

Is Tidying Up (or Tinkering) Before We Get to Work Really Necessary?

It was 10am by the time I got back to my desk, but my treasured photo was in its rightful place. My cat was de-matted and fed. My scissor drawer had been fully de-junked. And I also had skimmed through a few chapters of  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.  In it, I found author Marie Kondo’s confirmation that I am not alone in my habit of tinkering. Tinkering” or “tidying” it seems, is a common phenomenon particularly before exams, deadlines or in pressure situations, simply because it helps clear the mind and allow space for the work at hand. Phew!