On a recent visit to Nashville we visited two speakeasy–themed bars where we had delicious drinks and got to feel somehow mysterious, exclusive, and even a little daring. Speakeasy-themed bars are all the rage, and the successful ones play off the historical prohibition traits of being difficult to find, and keeping the lights dimmed so the police don’t break up the party. Aside from the mystique, they serve delicious craft cocktails.

ZERO Vodka – Gin is in!

Our 22-year-old daughter brought us to Attaboy, where the server quickly interviewed each patron about their drinking likes and dislikes. Personally, I don’t like any brown liquor (e.g., whiskey or scotch) so I told our Hawaiian–shirt clad server I liked Vodka. “We have ZERO vodka,” he informed me.   I thought he meant ZERO was a brand of vodka, so I told him that would be fine. “No, (insert sweet, forbearing attitude of having to explain things to a middle aged woman) we don’t serve any vodka here.” Okay, so I had a gin drink, and it was light and refreshing, with a hint of mint and cucumber. I enjoyed the drink for forty minutes, and the ribbing about my fictitious ZERO vodka brand for the rest of the evening.


“I don’t know but find the Storage Room”


The next night we stopped in at the Noelle Hotel and asked about the hidden bar. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but take the elevator to the basement and find the storage room,” the manager told us facetiously. To enter, we stepped through a mirrored closet, which opened to room crowded with stylish patrons, complete with Christmas lights and a huge stuffed Polar Bear. I had a prosecco-based concoction that was very sip-able, and not too sweet.

Speakeasies are intimate

The best part of this speakeasy resurgence is the intimacy these small, dimly lit places provide. There are no flashy TV screens, the music isn’t blaring, and the craft cocktails themselves are a conversation piece. Maybe we like these throw-back spots because they remind us of a simpler time when people took risks just to gathered together and when being bad was not so bad.



Here are some Speakeasies in Boston!