Sit, Stay, or Travel?

The kids have moved out and it’s time to start checking some items off your bucket list. Finally, you have the time and flexibility to travel. Perhaps you dream of traipsing across Europe, or touring America’s National Parks. Maybe, it’s time for that extended visit with your snowbird friends in a warmer climate. The possibilities seem endless, except…what will you do with the dog?


Estate Planning – From transaction to relationship

How would you like to be remembered? Will your co-workers only remember the accolades and promotions you received at work? Will your family only remember the amount of inheritance you left to your beneficiaries? Or, will loved ones recall the characteristics that made you a caring friend, a loving spouse, and a patient and present parent?


Joyce’s Syncope Story

Fainting has long been associated with 18th century women who wore their corsets too tight. “Why goodness, I feel faint,” was a common line in old movies or romance novel. So, as a woman who regularly ran three to five miles and lifted weights at the gym, as a woman who thought she was pretty tough, I was surprised when I started fainting.


Bucket List Swapping

Some of us were born with a travel bug – a strong desire to experience foreign lands and exotic cultures. But then… life gets in the way. Vacations turn into stay-cations, and finances are poured into daily living rather than living large. Luckily, the renaissance of the sharing economy has delivered a cost-effective way to start knocking adventurous destinations off your bucket list.


Burden or Blessing?

While in the waiting area for a mammogram a few weeks ago, I was surrounded by women of all ages who were there for the same reason: to have their breasts smashed and squished into unimaginable ways for the purpose of detecting abnormalities. Dressed in front-opening, ill-fitting blue gowns, each of us poured the most intimate details of our personal histories onto our own individual computer pads.