Lynn Musician Brian Maes Shares Music and Gratitude in New Memoir

Renowned keyboardist Brian Maes is loyal to his roots. After decades of performing with legends across the globe, the Lynn native still makes taking the stage at North Shore venues a priority. In his new, three-part book series, Brushes with Greatness, Maes describes with candor and passion his lifelong, illustrious musical career, while paying homage to friends, family, and his humble beginnings.


Marblehead Festival of the Arts Celebrates 60 Years of Cultural Impact

When a small group of Marblehead residents decided to host an arts festival in 1962, it’s unlikely they could have foreseen the cultural significance the event would still hold 60 years later. The scale of the festival, which attracts thousands of visitors and works from roughly 2,500 artists from all over New England, speaks volumes about the far-reaching appeal of this annual Fourth of July tradition.


Music Spotlight: Better Than Nothing

Choosing a band name can be a laborious process. In the case of “Better Than Nothing,” the band seemingly landed upon the name with an ease that represents their humble beginnings. Lead guitarist and singer Craig Smith explains that while many names were tossed around when one band member quipped that any name was “better than nothing,” the band quickly adopted it. It stuck and still resonates 16 years later.


Music Spotlight with Marblehead’s Chad Hollister

If you’ve ever seen Marblehead musician Chad Hollister perform live, chances are you’ve heard, and even joined in, on one of his signature songs. The infectious hymn “Life” is a testament to embracing positivity. That mantra, coupled with raw talent, is what’s propelled Hollister’s success for 25 plus years.


Marbleheader provides live music nightly at Beverly’s Railway Tavern

Finding live music every day of the week just became easier thanks to the grand opening of Beverly’s The Railway Tavern. The man behind the scenes booking the talent is Marblehead’s own renowned saxophone player, Henley Douglas Jr.


Getting the band back together in Marblehead at The Beacon

In case you hadn’t heard, Johnny Ray, “wants to put the band back together.” Ray and his longtime friend and confidante, Edgar Alleyne, are the dynamic duo behind: The Beacon Restaurant and Bar, 123 Pleasant St., Marblehead.


Wading Through the Weeds

Gina Baker, is a 52-year-old college professor and athlete who suffered a severe injury that left her with constant back and sciatic nerve pain. “I hurt when I sleep, walk, sit, and stand,” she says. The prescribed anti-inflammatory and narcotic pain relievers from her doctor helped but resulted in side effects such as itchy skin and stomach irritation. “I also take migraine meds,” she explains. “I started to feel like I was taking a bucket of pills every day.”