Using Martinis as a metaphor, we take an intimate look into the lives of ordinary people.


Name: Stephanie Mahoney

Profession:  I have owned and operated six cafes on the North Shore (Marblehead, Salem, Manchester, Beverly), most recently opening the Blue Canoe in Marblehead.


  • What stirs your passion? Creating a one of a kind, community oriented cafe.


  • What has shaken your faith? It takes a lot as I’ve been   at this for 30+ years, and have seen it all! But probably dishonest and unmotivated employees can ruin a day. That being said, I’ve been fortunate to have a great team so far at the Blue Canoe.


  • Who (dead or alive) would you like to have a martini with? Julia Childs. She paved the way for female chefs and female leads in cooking shows. Her depth of knowledge, easy way, and clever wit are inspirational.


  • What’s your poison? Micromanagement. Yup, nobody does it better…


  • What do you see as the ultimate buzzkill? There are definitely a few in this industry. I’d say the most prevalent would be the supervision of patron’s children. Leaving a mess, running around, hanging from countertops, and invading other customer’s space to name a few. We have been proactive at the Canoe by introducing Etch-a-Sketch’s. Success!


  • How do you want to be remembered when the glasses are raised? She gave her all.


  • What’s your happy place? Doing anything outdoors in our beautiful town of Marblehead!


  • What is your signature drink? (Your motto?)   French vanilla coffee, and “fill your life with flavor”.

Instagram @bluecanoemhd