We will be launching our weekly series, Martini Talk, next week and sharing interviews with some extraordinary people. So, we decided (to be fair) we would take the opportunity to answer some of our own questions as a warm-up!

Using martinis as a metaphor, we take an intimate look into the lives of interesting people.

Name: Joyce Alla and Leslie Martini

Profession: Writers, Bloggers, Promoters

  1. What stirs your passion?

Joyce: Good stories, whether funny, sad or enlightening

Leslie: Loving and being loved


  1. What has shaken your faith?

Joyce: The fragility of the human body

Leslie: A little-known disease called Fragile X Syndrome.

(www. Fraxa.org)


  1. Who (dead or alive) would you like to have a martini with?

Joyce: My Mom and Dad — I miss them and understand them better as I age.

Leslie: Dorothy Parker


  1. What’s your poison? (The trait you most deplore in yourself?)

Joyce: Procrastination – I can find any excuse to avoid something I don’t want to do!

Leslie: When I give ANY air time to the voice of negativity.


  1. What do you see as the ultimate buzzkill?

Joyce: Ummm… last call? (Just kidding!) I hate to see any living being in pain.

Leslie: Mean spiritedness


  1. How do you want to be remembered when the glasses are raised? (Three words.)

Joyce: Enthusiastic, Compassionate, Creative

Leslie: Funny, Curious, Generous


  1. What’s your happy place?

Joyce: Anywhere next to my husband

Leslie: Ending an early morning run on a deserted beach and jumping into the ocean.


  1. What is your signature drink? (We’d love to know what you like to drink, but what we REALLY want to know is what is your favorite expression or motto?)

Joyce: I love Cosmos! My motto, which I guess I think more than say aloud, is “Be grateful every day.”

Leslie: Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives. My motto, Mr. Wentzel, my Driver’s Ed Teacher’s words: “Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and little adjustments along the way.”


Drinks with strangers?  If you’d like to answer our questions, you could be featured in our Drinks with Strangers series.  Email your answers (and a photo, if you would) to writers@allamartinis.com .