Using martinis as a metaphor, we take an intimate look into the lives of extraordinary people.

Name: Jenn Martelli

Profession: Poet, Editor and Reviewer


  1. What stirs your passion?

I love a good coincidence! I love the meeting of disparate images or ideas, and having them click into place! This is why I love revision in my own writing: when I can make a connection between, say, Kitty Genovese and Hillary Clinton (wink wink, my book, My Tarantella), I feel like a wonderfully crazed person with my own bulletin board!

  1. What has shaken your faith?

The 2016 Election, for sure. I see now how sheltered I’ve been, that this administration was allowed anywhere near the White House floored me. I felt it was a silencing of women, which completely changed the trajectory of my book!

  1. Who (dead or alive) would you like to have a martini with?

Alive: Hillary Clinton or Rachel Maddow. Dead: Kitty Genovese or Sylvia Plath.

  1. What’s your poison? (The trait you most deplore in yourself?)

Self-righteousness, self-pity, lack of introspection….and laziness.

  1. What do you see as the ultimate buzzkill?

When I start talking politics. Ooops.

  1. How do you want to be remembered when the glasses are raised? (Three words.)

Kind. Funny. Smart. (a gal can dream)

  1. What’s your happy place?

My happy place is anywhere near the ocean and my cat. And Little Italy, NYC.

  1. What is your signature drink? (We’d love to know what you like to drink, but what we REALLY want to know is what is your favorite expression or motto?)

My signature drink: black coffee. My motto: Should I get another cat?

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