Using Martinis as a metaphor, we take an intimate look into the lives of extraordinary people.

Name: Forrest Rodts

Profession: Painter/Artist


  1. What stirs your passion?  Everything beautiful, but especially light in all its forms.

  1. What has shaken your faith?  Current political climate.


  1. Who (dead or alive) would you like to have a martini with?  James Taylor or Jimmy Buffet


  1. What’s your poison?  (The trait you most deplore in yourself?)  The need to be liked or to prove myself to others.

  1. What is your ultimate buzzkill?  A negative person.


  1. How do you want to be remembered when the glasses are raised? (Three words.)  Kind, Caring and Fun

  1. What’s your happy place?  The beach

  1. What is your signature drink? (Your motto?)  Gin and tonic, and the motto would be: “Be the light in someone else’s life, but don’t forget yourself.”

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